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Are people selfish?

For quite some time I’ve had a very negative outlook towards people in a sense. I’ve come to think that everyone is really quite selfish. Perhaps I’m right, perhaps I’m wrong.

I see myself as the type of person that would do anything for other people. Often I find myself talking to other people about their problems even if I’ve been have the crappiest day and really need to talk to someone about myself. This has made me more closed off. I’ve never really been one to openly come out and chat about my life and feelings and this perception probably does make things worse.

I also realise that when I do reach out to people, they often really don’t know how to handle it. For example one of my friends will give me “oh you poor thing, that’s hard” and another proceeds to talk about her own life or relate my feelings to a time when she had the same thing happen/felt the same way.

Basically, I’ve lost a lot of faith in reaching out to people. Perhaps though this has made me more resilient to do things on my own or perhaps this has made me too pessimistic…

Wow these last two blogs have turned into little rants. Sorry guys.


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